Smart Software System for Analysis

We have combined advance technical analysis and artificial intelligence solutions in one platform, Coinlegs has been actively used by our users for 3 years

We are creating LEGS which will be used as a utility token on Coinlegs. It will then be used as a payment system between other institutions and traders through the APIs we will offer

We have already created an comprehensive environment for traders to provide technical analysis detections with Coinlegs Smart Software System, we have also more and more ideas to develop in the near future. Visit our documentation web site to learn more about Coinlegs, LEGS Token, what we do and what we’ll do

Finally, we are creating a trading world which includes technical, fundamental and blockchain analysis, artificial intelligence solutions for structural and unstructural data, content sharing mechanism. LEGS token will make these all aspects together

Coinlegs Dolphin

Dolphin is a machine learning project which predicts the next move of price by using technical analysis detections. It is trained with artificial neural network every day to keep it up to date then it predicts the moves with probabilities every hour. Click here to learn more about Dolphin

Finance & Blockchain & AI

Blockchain and artificial intelligence have already taken their place among the indispensables of the financial world

Finance system is changing

Blockchain is taking over the financial system so we need more advance and comprehensive analysis on blockchain with smart softwares

Relation between knowledge and traders

There is already huge data waiting to be analyzed in stock exchanges and various blockchains. There are also qualified institutions and traders share their knowledge

We need a bridge between knowledge and traders

Our Solution

Coinlegs and LEGS

We are creating the tokens which are the cornerstones of the bridge to be built between Trading Ecosystem, Blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions

We are already delivering advanced technical analysis detections to traders with Coinlegs. We also assist traders with our advanced analysis tools and artificial intelligence solution “Dolphin”

We plan to offer traders everything they need with autotrading, backtesting and blockchain analysis in the very near future. In addition, we will provide payment infrastructure to individual and corporate customers through the APIs we will offer. Visit our documentation web site to see what we do and what we’ll do in the near future

LEGS on Ethereum and BSC

LEGS Token Distribution

Airdrop Mechanism

We believe that a fair airdrop should be built on loyalty and support. Traders who trust and support us at an early stage should get more tokens. Therefore, we have created a specific airdrop mechanism using CAP (Coinlegs Airdrop Point). More points mean more tokens. Visit our Airdrop documentation web site for details

The Roadmap

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve

Dr. Mehmet Simsek
Founder & CEO

With the belief that the world of the future will be built on blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data technologies, we produce and will continue to produce advanced, intelligent solutions for users by using these technologies in the most effective way in the financial world. What we do is only a small part of what we will do. We are creating a huge trading ecosystem with many disciplines and technologies. Are you ready for this journey with us? LEGS token will take you on the same train as us and we will make this journey together

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit information about LEGS Token, Airdrop and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below

How many LEGS Tokens will be minted?

100.000.000 LEGS tokens will be minted

Which blockchain will the token run on?

Ethereum Main Network and Binance Smart Chain

Will new token be minted?

The new token will never be minted as the mint function hasn't been coded in our smart contract

How will the token burning mechanism work?

30% of the tokens obtained from Coinlegs memberships, whose fee is paid via LEGS token, will be set aside for burning and the accumulated tokens will be burned every month. When the amount of tokens burned reaches 10 million, this rate will be reduced to 10%. When the total amount of burned tokens reaches 20 million, the burning process will be stopped. Herewith, it is aimed to prevent price falling

Visit our documentation web site for more questions

How will the airdrop mechanism work?

You can find all the details on the Airdrop page

Can I earn CAP for my existing Coinlegs membership?

Unfortunately, the CAP earning mechanism is not valid for past memberships.

When will the second Airdrop take place?

The date of the second Airdrop is not yet known. It will be announced on official channels.

How can I contact the team?

You can contact us through the official channels. Mail:

Where is Coinlegs company located?

Coinlegs is located in the Hacettepe University Teknokent Campus in Ankara, Turkey

Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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